A Place for Mom Partner Web Services

Versioning Notes

A Place for Mom's partner web services are available to customers using any standard SOAP-capable client. Changes made to the web service interfaces are always made in a backwards-compatible fashion; new interfaces or methods may be added, new optional members may be added to existing types, etc.

Clients that support lax versioning should use the version-independent sites listed below, which will allow the client to benefit from future service enhancements without changing the referenced address or changing any code. All Microsoft .NET clients support lax versioning, as do most open-source and script-based stacks for calling SOAP web services.

Clients that only support strict versioning should use one of the version-specific addresses listed below, but will need to be manually upgraded to a newer address when the version they are using is deprecated. Typically, no more than two versions of APFM web services (current and previous) will be supported at any given time.

Available Sites

Name Current
Production * 2.3 https://services.youvegotleads.com/LeadServices.svc?wsdl

* Version-independent site: may be upgraded to a newer, backwards-compatible version

Release History

Version Date Released Notes
2.3 September 28, 2011 This release adds additional fields to IApfmLead for affiliates sending leads to APFM. Please see the updated documentation for additional details.
2.2 May 11, 2011 This is a minor enhancement to ReferralAlert which adds an additional property, ApfmPropertyId.
2.1 February 16, 2011 This is a minor enhancement release that includes:
  • Three new optional properties on the Lead object used by the IApfmLead interface; the new properties will allow lead vendors to more accurately represent the source or campaign information for their leads.
  • Two new properties in ReferralAlert and ResidentialProfile used by the IReferralAlert interface; resident budget and desired location are now available.
2.0 January 8, 2010 This revision includes many changes the IYglLead interface, such as:
  • New SubmitYglLead2 method
  • Support for source detail, additional contact, resident profile, task, and other fields in LeadRequest object.